Todd Kummer

Todd Kummer While Todd earned an English degree in his days at the University of California at Berkeley, he's just as likely to have his head buried in PeopleCode as he is a good Graham Greene novel. He's a sucker for a good app class method and considers it sacrilege to write redundant code.

In his six-plus years at PeopleSoft, rarely would Todd leave a design meeting without already having built some of the feature in his head. His ability to quickly realize solutions makes for rapid prototyping and development.

Todd was instrumental in PeopleSoft's makeover from client-server software to web applications and was named a "PeopleSoft 8 Hero" for his contributions. Todd worked on the Projects product before becoming the Lead Architect for Contracts, and he was a cornerstone of the Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) product suite.

When he's not writing code, Todd just might be out on a run. A two-time finisher of the San Francisco marathon, his next goal is the Big Sur marathon.

Todd and I worked very closely at PeopleSoft for a few years. He was a terrific solution architect and great addition to my team. Brilliant and fun to work with. In short, he was my "go-to" guy for the toughest problems.

— Craig, Development Manager

John Beretz

John BeretzJohn is the company's chief technologist. He loves the details and is known to burn the midnight oil—whether to load linux on his Xbox (our first web server) or as one of the pioneers in bringing Ajax functionality to the PeopleSoft UI.

In over eight years with PeopleSoft, John became a guru at turning requirements into software. His thorough approach—asking the right questions, getting to know the entire problem sphere—means that users end up with software they expect and software that solves their problems. There are no surprises with John on the job.

As the Technical Architect for Resource Management, John received PeopleSoft's "Best of the Best" award in 2002 for rescuing a large client's implementation with architectural changes that resulted in huge performance improvements. He was also named a "PeopleSoft 8 Hero" for his efforts in helping the company move from client-server to the web.