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Welcome to rockridgesolutions.com. As a couple of former developers, we just love to talk about our work. When you're working hard on a feature, there are two moments that stick out above others. The first is the obvious Aha moment when you get it to work. The next one is even better, when you walk over to the desk or cube or office next door to show the feature and explain how you got it to work.

Now, it turns out our friends and family just aren't that interested in how a few light touches of JavaScript can really improve the UI of PeopleSoft applicatins. Try as I might to explain how iScript is a great backbone for AJAX, their eyes just seem to glaze over. And that's how the website came to be.

We hope to provide not only tips and tricks to help with PeopleSoft development, but also share some ideas about what's possible. There's a great community out there and this is our little hello.

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