Spicing Up Your Vanilla With a Custom Look & Feel

Last week at OHUG 2010, I presented a case for customizing the user interface of PeopleSoft applications. Sherry Rogers, HRIS Manager at Cerner Corporation, was generous enough to join me, demonstrating the custom look and feel we developed for Cerner's eBenefits module (screenshots of the demonstration) and detailing the reactions and results. Here's the slide deck:

Improving the usability of PeopleSoft applications is less effort then you might think, and the savings from increased employee productivity, fewer calls to the help desk, and reduced training are often substantial. Improved usability can be especially crucial for outward facing applications like recruiting; the last thing you want is a talented applicant's first impression of your organization to be a clunky and confusing web app. And while it's commonly believed that straying too far from vanilla puts you at risk, making the right technical design choices will dramatically reduce your exposure at upgrade time.

Have you encountered problems with PeopleSoft's usability? What have you done about it, or what are your plans? Let us know. 

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