Gilead Sciences (Repeat Customer)

This growing biotech company uses ePerformance to help managers and employees do annual reviews. Like most users of the application, they were struggling with the up-and-down scrolling on the long performance review page.

Rather than show all the sections at once, tabs were added at the top of the sections and only one section was shown at a time. When users want to move from section-to-section, they click on the tabs. Not only did this remove the need to scroll up and down, but by moving through the tabs the users had a sense of progress on filling out the review.

Enhanced Job Descriptions

In order to make PeopleSoft the system of record for the company's job listings, the Job Descriptions and Job Families were enhanced to store decriptions by category. Additionally, XML Publisher reports were built to provide visibility to the system, and a scheduled app engine published reports for any Job Families that had been updated since the last run.

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