Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

I had a chance recently to work with the new Approval Workflow Engine (AWE). It leverages Application Classes and is a great example of what's possible in PeopleSoft.

 After having worked long hours with it's pre-cursor, the AWE functionality is quite refreshing. For example, if you don't want to build a query to identify approvers, you can just build a sql object. And if you've got some complicated rules, there's no need to write complex and fragile sql, just use an app class instead.

If you're evaluating whether or not to use the new functionality, I highly recommend it. There is a learning curve, but there are delivered exmaples that help. It's also written in Application Classes itself, so as a last resort you can always just crack open the code to see what it's doing.

One must have is the Red Paper that gives an overview and walks through the steps needed to build it. PeopleBooks refers you to Customer Connection to find the Red Paper. If anyone knows of a public link to the Red Paper, please post it. What's missing, however, is a good API in the Java Doc style. That would go a long way toward helping developers understand what's available.

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